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Steel Music Drum Set ,14 Inch

Steel Music Drum Set ,14 Inch

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Music Drum For Children

The Ultimate Fun and Educational Gift

Sound healing, mesmerizing harmonies even without any experience in just seconds.

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  • Quality TISIN Material

Made of copper steel and titanium alloy steel, without magnetism or iron sound, the sound is bright, ethereal and pure, smooth, the tone is more accurate, can meet the needs of professional performance.

  • Comes With a Charming Knitted Wrap!

No More Video Games.

Our Music drum will be their best educational, coolest friend throughout their childhood instead of video games.

  • Thickened rust-proof upgrade

The thicker the drum body, the more stable and pure the sound,tongue drum can produce a clean, ethereal sound.

  • Accurate round tongue tonguen cutting

Experienced craftsmen operate machine cutting to accurately cut each tongue, making pronunciation more accurate and stable.

8 Colors To Choose From
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  • Handcrafted by artisans
Electroplating spray paint forms a protective film on the surface of the hollow drum to prevent tarnishing,Anti scratch, non rusting,not easily corroded,outdoor high-quality paint, washable.


Free gift accessories:

1 * Special drum bag

1 * A pair of Drumstick

1 * Finger Cot

1 * Spare Scale Sticker

1 * English User Manual


15 Note Scale Chart, C Tone


Come with simple mallets for having fun and easy to learn or play for beginner kids.You can use the drum sticks or fingers drum sticks to play the steel drum, follow the notes on the drum, and through simple practice, then your little one can play a beautiful melody.


Diameter: 35cm, height: 15cm



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ursula Johns

Beautiful product be very happy to receive it passed my expectations I am happy with my instrument.

Caden Lowe

The sound is really beautiful. Others I had heard in person, none sounded that good.
I totally recommend the store!

Malvina Fisher

Fast delivery, well packaged, love this product, I highly recommend this store. Thank you

Nina King

As described. Honest advertising. Extremely well made and well presented. True to fact. Tested the tongue notes with a musical instrument tuner, and a couple of tongues are slightly off, by very little. A bit expensive considering it is mainly a soothing toy, but my son likes it. Thank you Fluffy Boom.

Gaetano Von

Fast shipping, the quality is incredible, very clear and loud