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3in1 Slim Waist Trainer Belt

3in1 Slim Waist Trainer Belt

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After pregnancy, your body has just gone through an amazing transformation — and it’s going to go through another. But on that journey, things can get uncomfortable. Many new moms choose to wear a belly wrap to quell uterine cramps and gain much-needed pelvic support to reduce pain, promote healing, and boost confidence. Buy one that’s comfortable enough to wear most of the day and is flexible and snug enough to fit under clothes.

Adjustable & Great Gift For Mother

Allows put it on easily by yourself and pull is equal from both sides,readjust how tight you want it without taking off the band, keep you supported for a long time. It is GREAT GIFT for women just after giving birth or anyone had surgical operation resulting in loose skin and back pain.It also has built in boning to help support the lower back and improve posture during breastfeeding.

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√1)Not intended for use during pregnancy.

√2)Please DO NOT dress the belt when sleeping.

√3)Wash it with clean water before your first use.

√4)Avoid contact with the skin directly,recommend to wear an undershirt under the belt.

√5)If you feel uncomfortable during the using process, recommend to adjust the tighten or reduce the using time.

√6)In order to help you get your body back to its former post childbirth more quickly, we recommend you combine exercise and calorie control with the use of this product, you will see a BIG difference very soon.


  • Material: Nylon, Spandex
  • Shapewear: Waist Cinchers
  • Fabric Type: Broadcloth
  • Thickness: Thick (Winter)
  • Size: M to 4XL

Package Includes:

1x Slimming belt

Outstanding Support: Belly, waist, and pelvic pieces. Can be worn alone (lightest support) or all together (maximum support).

Medical-Grade Compression: Force’s abdominal muscles and internal organs to "restart" and work together perfectly. 

No Back-Pain: Stimulates deep pelvic contractions, which end back pain, and provides substantial support during back feeding. 

Stomach Belt: Shrinks belly and abdominals halfway back to normal. Recommended for 1-7 days after birth or c-section. 

Waist Belt: Flattens the entire midsections. Relieves back pain. Recommended for 1-6 weeks after birth or c-section. 

Pelvic Belt: Speeds up pelvic contractions, reboots, and restores optimal muscle and organ function.

1. How long can I use it after normal childbirth?

Use the abdomen belt as early as possible. It is the most effective to wear it from the second day after delivery to half a year. It dose good to shape waist and abdomen curve, prevent the sagging of internal organs, promote uterine contraction, and help body recovery.

2. How soon after a C section can I wear Slim Waist Trainer Belt?

In our experience, 3-4 days is a good plan, to give the wound some time to heal. Afterward, feel free to wear Slim Waist Trainer Belt as much as you like.

3. I gave birth months ago, will Slim Waist Trainer Belt still work for me?

Of course. Slim Waist Trainer Belt is designed to deliver continuous support to your body, improve posture, relieve back pain and slim you down.
That said, itrsquos best to start close to birth. This is because childbirth releases hormones (relaxin, progesterone, and estrogens) that loosen the supporting muscles, ligaments and joints of your core.
Simply put, the earlier you start, the better your recoveryhellip but wersquove also heard great things from moms that began more than 6-months postpartum!

4. Is Slim Waist Trainer Belt effective in actually slimming my body?

Absolutely! Even though Slim Waist Trainer Belt wonrsquot make you lose weight, you will still look tremendously thinner and smoother while wearing it.

5. But where does all of the fat go?

Any excess fat in the belly, waist, and pelvic area is compressed and moved towards more desirable places. 

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