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Mambo Swim Arm Float (3 - 8 Y)

Mambo Swim Arm Float (3 - 8 Y)

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  • Awesome for kids learning to swim, safe, practical and very comfortable for the child. This swim trainer makes it easy and encourages child to move and relax in the water with its super buoyancy and large surface area.
  • Your kids will love the independence of the Mambo Swim Jacket as they learn to use the feet and arms in the water, all without being dunked in the water. They can deliberately dip their head into the water and become more confident as they feel comfortable.
  • Made with high quality, environmental friendly PearlFoam™. This is a premium latex material that is moisture proof, very breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy. It has an elastic waterproof skin. BPA Free. This is soft and warm in the water
  • No more accidental leakages from old inferior inflatables. Our PearlFoam™ material is for next generation of water buoyancy swim assist aids. 
  • Develop water confidence. This unique swim jacket trainer is a great way to learn how to float, paddle and swim! 
  • Adjustable buckle at the back to suit most infant sizes. This is very easy to Adjust. Unfasten safety clip and easily slip on. You can tighten up as necessary to avoid any slipping. Helps move freely in a comfortable position.
  • Specially designed large easy slip on arm rings. This acts like a life jacket keeping them stable as they move in any direction they please. 
  • This is the top and only water safety device they'll ever need before fully swimming alone.


  • Age suitability :  3 to 8 years (children under 36 kg).
  • Dimensions : 43 x 18 x 16 cm
  • Weight limit : 36kgs MAX (72 lbs)
  • Health and safety : This product will not prevent against drowning. It must be used under constant supervision from an adult. Hand wash with mild detergent, do not scrub or brush. Store the product in a cool dry place after use. This product must be kept away from high temperatures and sharp objects to avoid damage. 

Package includes:1*safety circle

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for big kids with out having to put a life vest on if you have a fear less little that just wants to go this would be great for you. I promise you'll be able to enjoy your day alot more with less worries. It holds them up above water an you can use it 3 different ways my daughter is 58 pounds fits with an adjustable strap an holds her right up.


Lovelly!!! Very good quality!