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Lenovo Z908Pro WIFI 8K Drone

Lenovo Z908Pro WIFI 8K Drone

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Introducing our cutting-edge Camera Drone with Obstacle Avoidance and Brushless Dual Lens Camera – the epitome of advanced aerial photography and immersive flying experiences. Elevate your drone piloting to new heights with this state-of-the-art device, boasting a myriad of features that redefine the way you capture and interact with the world from above.

Remote Control Mastery:

Navigate the skies with precision using the 5GHz frequency and 6 channels on the remote control. With a left throttle design, immerse yourself in seamless control as you explore distances up to 9000m without interference.

Durable Design: 

Crafted from a blend of high-quality plastic, metal, and electronic components, our drone is not only sturdy but also aerodynamically designed for optimal performance. The sleek black finish adds a touch of sophistication, making it a stylish companion on your aerial adventures

Innovative Camera Capabilities:

Revolutionize your aerial photography with the 150° electrically adjustable camera, providing unparalleled flexibility for capturing stunning shots. The dual-lens system enables Standalone 8K video recording at 7680*4320 resolution, ensuring your footage is nothing short of cinematic masterpieces.

Extended Flight Time:

Embark on longer journeys with an impressive flight time of approximately 48 minutes, powered by the energy-efficient 816 Brushless Motor. The 3.7V 3000mAh body battery guarantees extended sessions, allowing you to capture more breathtaking moments.

Compact Portability:

Effortlessly carry your drone wherever adventure calls, thanks to its compact body size of 25255cm and a folding size of 1395cm. The included storage bag and color box packaging ensure convenient transport and safekeeping.

User-Friendly Features:

Enjoy the ease of charging through USB in just 60 minutes, keeping downtime to a minimum. The 5.5-inch phone clip facilitates seamless integration with your device for real-time monitoring. The remote control, powered by three AAA batteries, adds a tactile feel to your piloting experience.

Impressive Image Transmission:

Experience unparalleled image transmission with the drone's dedicated WiFi signal, facilitating smooth communication up to 8500m without interference. Capture the world from a bird's eye view and share it effortlessly with friends and family.

Unleash your creativity, explore the skies, and capture life's extraordinary moments in unprecedented detail with our Camera Drone – the perfect companion for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned aerial photographers. Elevate your perspective and redefine the way you see the world with this technologically advanced drone.

NOTE: Pure batteries are subject to transportation restrictions in many countries, and it is recommended not to purchase them separately.

Product configuration parameters:

1. Remote control frequency/channel: 5GHz/6 channels

2. Product material: plastic/metal/electronic components

3. Adjust the camera: 150° electric adjustment [can realize upside down shooting]

4. Product color: black

5. Engine Model: 816 Brushless Motor

6. Remote control mode: left throttle

7. Flight time: about 48mins

8. Phone Clip Size: 5.5 inch

9. Remote control battery: AAA battery*3

10. Body battery: 3.7V 3000mAh

11. Remote control distance (no interference):9000m

12. Charging method: USB

13. Charging time: about 60 minutes

14. Packing method: storage bag + color box

15. Body size: 25*25*5cm

16. Folding size: 13*9*5cm

17. Packing size: 23.2*8.1*18.6cm

18. Image transmission signal: the drone has its own WiFi signal

19. Image return distance (no interference): 8500m

20. Drone weight (battery included): 138g

21. Package weight (color box + storage bag): 460g

Camera settings:

Video Resolution: Standalone 8K 7680*4320

Photo resolution: 8K single shot 7680*4320

Video resolution: 8K dual front camera 7680*4320, bottom camera 7680*4320

Photo resolution: 8K dual front camera 7680*4320, bottom camera 7680*4320

Package Included:

1 x Z908 Drone

1 x Remote Control

1 x 3.7V 3000MAH Battery

1 x USB Charging Cable

4 x Spare Blade

1 x Screwdriver

2 x Manual

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