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Bright Soccer Ball

Bright Soccer Ball

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VIRAL GLOWING BALL - Get ready to experience soccer like never before with our Bright Soccer Ball – where every kick lights up the night!

This is completely new in the market, nobody has ever seen this, so be the first and surprise all your friends, family and followers with the coolest ball they have ever seen!

The ball lights up on your phone screen if you take a photo/video with your mobile phone with the 'flash' enabled, you can create the coolest content without any editing. Showing off your soccer skills on social media has never been as eye-catching as it is now!

🌟 Holographic leather

Completely new to the market, meet the next evolution in sports.

✨ Photo-reflective effect

Our photo reflective material glows on your phone - just turn "flash" on.

🤳 Creative content

A new way to share your skills with family, friend and followers!!!


The ball is also luminous and you can see it with your naked eye when, for example, you are playing a game of soccer outside during the day!

High-Tech Glow Technology:

The secret to our football's luminosity lies in the high-tech fluorescent materials used in its construction. These materials ensure that the ball shines brightly at night after being charged by a light source, offering a unique and exciting twist to your evening matches.

- Circumference: Size 5 (680-700 mm)
- Surface Material: TPU + EVA for durability and a soft touch
- Liner: Yarn-wrapped rubber liner for optimal shape retention
- Colour: Vibrant multi-colour design for visibility and style

- 1 x Luminous Football 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eldora Daniel

Looks good, pretty soft surface, good reflection in dark with light from correct corner, but no reflection in day time.

Makayla Leannon

The product arrived in good weather and looks pretty good!! Comes with transport mesh!!

Pablo O'Reilly

Children like it.

Tracy Baumbach

Good quality, included a transport mesh also reflects the light very well

Stephanie Dicki

Looks good, you is there such an effect, it's time to try